Enterprise Information | Zhouxiang Conducts Emergency Evacuation and Escape Exercise

Mar 20, 2024

Emergency evacuation drill

In order to effectively strengthen the company's safety protection work, improve the emergency response ability of employees to fire incidents, test everyone's escape skills, protect employee life safety, and focus on building a safe factory area, the company held an emergency evacuation drill on March 19th.

As smoke rises in several parts of the factory, it spreads and spreads. Sigh Sigh Sigh The rapid and dull alarm sounded immediately, "Fire! Everyone evacuate quickly", "Protect your mouth and nose", "Pay attention to safety", and the workshop supervisor issued orders in an orderly manner. The company's workshop layout was extensive, and personnel were scattered. In order to evacuate all personnel in a timely manner, whistle notifications and loudspeaker calls were used to transmit the fire signal. The workshop administrators perform their respective duties, some organize evacuation at the safety exit, some patrol the workshop, and promptly cut off the on-site power supply after all personnel have evacuated.

After hearing the fire alarm, the employees immediately put down their work, quickly shut down the equipment, and gathered at the safety exit. The on-site administrator followed the principle of proximity and promptly allocated evacuation routes, and everyone quickly evacuated from their respective safety channels. During the evacuation process, everyone strictly follows the requirements for fire evacuation, using towels, masks, gloves, or other fabrics to cover their mouth and nose, and bending down to quickly pass through the smoke area.

The purpose of holding this fire evacuation emergency drill is to further enhance the fire safety awareness and firefighting and self rescue skills of employees, prevent and control fire accidents, and ensure the safety of enterprise production.

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