Zhouxiang丨ground Rail Intelligent Welding Workstation

Mar 22, 2024

Ground rail intelligent welding workstation

The ground-rail intelligent welding workstation is equipped with Bochu's teaching-free welding system and Bochu's large viewing distance seam finder. It can directly import the three-dimensional model files of Tekla, Solidworks or UG, directly match the welding process parameters, automatically identify the precise position of the weld and generate Optimized welding process for welding. The robot is equipped with an automatic gun cleaning device.


Device Configuration

Machine: MR12-2010*2 units

Welding power source: Aotai Power Supply/Megmeet Power Supply

Welding gun: Thelma water-cooled extended welding gun

Control system: Baichu teaching-free welding system

Vision system: Baichu large viewing distance seam finder

The ground rail-type walking axis increases the adaptability of the length direction of the workpiece. The robot can be linked with the ground rail to weld longer welds at one time. Workstations on the left and right sides of the rail can work. The ground rail is equipped with an automatic lubrication device. Greatly improves welding efficiency.

Mainly used for welding H-shaped steel ordinary stiffened plates, horizontal and vertical stiffened plates, column base plates, purlin support plates, corbels and other structures.

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