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Product Description

The wind power tower production line is a special equipment designed and produced by our company for the wind power industry.


It mainly includes: blanking and cutting equipment, cylinder longitudinal and circumferential seam welding equipment, cylinder hydraulic assembly roller frame, flange automatic welding equipment, sandblasting and painting roller frame, tower drum transfer equipment, etc. The whole production line can greatly improve production efficiency and is the preferred product in the wind power industry.


The production process flow of wind power tower drum is generally as follows: CNC cutting machine is used for blanking, thick plate needs to be beveled, plate bending machine is used for rolling plate forming, spot welding, positioning, welding of internal and external longitudinal joints after confirmation, roundness inspection, if there is any problem, secondary roundness, after welding of single cylinder, hydraulic group is used for assembly and spot welding of roller frame, welding of internal and external circumferential seams, straightness and other tolerance inspection, welding of flange, After NDT and flatness inspection of welds, sand blasting and painting, internal parts installation and finished product inspection are completed, and then transported to the installation site.


Product Composition:


1.CNC Cutting Machine


The CNC flame/plasma cutting machine adopts a gantry structure and bilateral drive. It is an efficient and high-performance automation equipment that combines computer control, precision machinery, and oxygen gas cutting.

2. Plate Rolling Machine


The working principle of the upper roller universal hydraulic plate bending machine is to make the work roller move through the action of external forces such as hydraulic pressure and mechanical force, so as to make the plate press or roll into shape. According to the rotational motion and position changes of work rollers with different shapes, parts such as elliptical parts, arc parts, and cylindrical parts can be processed.


3.Longitudinal and Circumferential Seam Welding Machine



The welding of the inner and outer longitudinal seams and circumferential seams of the cylinder is generally carried out using a cross shaped welding machine, a roller rack, and a welding center equipped with a submerged arc welding power source. If only the outer longitudinal and outer circumferential seams of the cylinder need to be welded, a gantry welding machine or cantilever welding platform can also be used instead of a cross welding operator.

4.Fit-Up Welding Rotator


The cylinder of the tower line is assembled by segments of a single cylinder. During the splicing process, the hydraulic assembly roller frame and cross welding operator are generally used to combine each other.

Hydraulic assembly roller frames are commonly used for welding long cylinders such as wind towers/cones. The alignment function uses four hydraulic cylinders to slightly adjust the center distance of the rollers, thereby driving the single section cylinder to tilt up and down, adjusting the height of the single section cylinder, and completing the alignment of the single section cylinder and the tower cylinder for spot welding alignment. According to the length of the cylinder, there are various combinations of hydraulic jack roller frames: fixing or moving the hydraulic jack roller frames, selecting the active and passive models and quantities of the roller frames after the assembly, and so on.

Hydraulic assembly and welding are generally completed inside the workshop, that is, the fabrication of long tower barrels is completed inside the workshop. For very high offshore wind power towers, it is sometimes necessary to conduct secondary splicing and welding at the wharf, requiring further large assembly and welding.

5.Flange Welding Machine


The welding of the flange and the cylinder section generally adopts the submerged arc welding method of matching the welding operator and the inclined roller frame. Inclined roller frames generally adopt 10T or 20T adjustable type (self adjustable type can be selected for small thin-walled cylinders). According to actual needs, hydraulic pressure can be used to turn the roller frame or directly fix the roller frame on a support frame with a certain angle (the angle of the fixed support can be determined according to the requirements of the welding process, commonly including 22 °, 45 °, etc.), to ensure that the welding seam is always welded in the boat welding mode. The rotation speed of the roller is controlled by frequency conversion, which ensures smooth starting and stopping. Welding allows convenient adjustment of the rotation speed of the cylinder. The welding operation frame is selected according to the diameter of the cylinder, and generally adopts a structure of high column and short cross arm.

6.Sand Blasting and Painting Welding Rotator


This roller frame is mainly used for sand blasting and spraying of wind tower barrels. The roller frame is made of high-quality polyurethane, effectively protecting the surface of the workpiece.