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With 31 years of dedicated industry expertise, ZhouXiang has developed a comprehensive solution for our customers' H-beam production. Our production line consists of a range of high-efficiency equipment, including cutting machines, assembling machines, welding machines, straightening machines, and shot blasting machines. Each machine operates independently and can add equipment at different stages according to production volume, improving production efficiency.

Excellent quality and 100% manufacturer by our own factory.

Fast production time.(30~45 days) Free design service(logo,artwork)

Strict quality control system.100% QC each tape before shipment.

We have a professional technical team, 24 hours fast contact.

CNC Steel Plate Cutting Machine

This cutting machine is equipped with plasma cutting heads and flame cutting torchs, which is a high-efficiency and high-performance equipment. It adopts a gantry type, single drive or double drive, and can cut metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, etc
1.CNC system: Beijing STARFIRE, Spanish FAGOR, American Hypertherm is optional.
2.Both driving end and cross beams adopt box-beam welding structure whose stress has been relieved
3.According to customer’s requirement, with convenient operation.
4.There’s backfire arrester equipped on the torch which can prevent the safety hazards during cutting process.

H Beam Assembly Machine

1. The main components of this machine are welded structure parts the key components have been stress relieved
2. This machine can produce h beam with larger size according to customers’ requirement, the maximum size of web height can reach 3m
3. The automatic centering of flange and web adopts hydraulic motor and gear
4. This machine is equipped with auxiliary supporting device for large web.
5. The material of pressing wheel, guiding wheel and main transmission wheel is 40cr, with high frequency quenching process on the surface
6. This machine adopts centralized lubrication system

H Beam Welding Machine

Gantry welding machine is mainly to perform submerged arc welding on the assembled h-beams. The two h-beams are placed on the workpiece frame on the inside of the guide rail at a 45-degree boat-shaped welding position → the gantry travels on the guide rails at the adjusted welding speed → use two submerged arc welding machines to weld two weld seams at the same time → adopt arc guide frame to automatically track the weld seam → adopt automatic flux delivery and recovery system.

This gantry welding machine can be equipped with various kinds of arc guiding racks it can welding h beam, box beam and cross beam by changing the arc guiding rack.

H Beam Straightening Machine

It is mainly used for rectifying the deformed flange. It is the special equipment for straightening the h beam flange deformation

1. The mainframe is integral frame structure with stress relief, it is processed and shaped in one step by CNC floor type boring and milling machine
2.The material of upper roller is 35crmo, the abrasion resistance has been improved after the process of heat treatment and grinding.
3.The material of main transmission roller is 40cr with integral forging process, as well as high frequency quenching process and grinding on the surface

H Beam Shotblasting Machine

Shot-blasting machine is a kind of shot-blasting equipment, which is applied to clean the surface of steel structure welding work-piece, h-style steel, plate and other profiles. It can clean away rusty spot, rusty scale, welding slag on the work-piece surface, as well as welding stress, in order to remove stress and improve surface lacquer quality and rot proofness of steel structure and steel.

It adopts QZ320 shot blaster improve the cleaning efficiency and the working environment.Has more than 3 years of service life.The wearing parts has long service life, easy to replace.